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activity description

Name of activity No. 6: AWARD SYSTEMS

responsible partners:
The Environmental Committee of Helsingborg, partner 3
The Environmental and Planning Board of Staffanstorp, partner 6

contact persons
Margaret Ã…kesson: margaret.akesson @
Lennart Nilsson: lennart.p.nilsson @

- raise interest and knowledge about food legislation and questions related to food hygiene among consumers
- make knowledge about hygiene at producer level avaliable to consumers
- plot and discuss different award systems within the Baltic Sea region (Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Kaliningrad, Poland, Lithuania,
  Finland, Sweden, Estonia) which aims to make knowledge about hygiene at producer level available to consumers
- present documents with proposals for different ways of making the consumer able to make an active choice when eating at
  restaurants and buying food at shops.
- document with proposals for award systems

last changed: 31.01.2014