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Actual checklist for the project in English (pdf 90 kB, June 2013)

Summary of subproject (19 th of Nov 2013)

Responsible partners  
Municipality of Trelleborg, Environment and Planning Board, partner nr 2, are the principal of organizing and managing the activity.
Veterinary Inspection, regional Veterinary Office in Szczecin, partner nr 12, is responsible for the activity concerning the checklists.

Object of the activity
All food control authorities and food producers are subject to common EU legislation concerning food safety.
It’s important that the food control authority in each country has as similar interpretation and application of the law as possible in order to ensure the food safety and equal assessment of the food businesses.
By creating “similar” checklist/checkpoints for audits of food producers in general and decide on equal control points it will help the control authority to focus on the same risks in the food businesses. It also ensures that the food producer will have an equivalent assessment of their food businesses throughout the whole region.  

History of activity

First inspections to improve the checklist:

  • 50 inspections in Poland
  • 50 inspections in Germany
  • 46 inspections in Sweden

Some partners have also used the checklist during the work exhange activity

Feedback from first session

  • Compiling of comments from the checklist
  • Feedback and comments as well as suggestions for improvements

Some comments

  • Every headline should have reference to the specific regulation
  • To keep the layout of the checklist for all kind of facilities, all the general points should be rised in the beginning
  • Better identification/connection between number of specific control points due to further comments
  • No option for registration of result from cleaning and hot holding

Updated checklist was distributed June 2013 for the second session of common inspections
and improved in more than 150 inspections. 

Further feedback: Colleagues like this checklist because of:

  • Reference to the regulation
  • Structure in checklist is based on the regulation
  • Useful checklist facilitates controls and makes them equivalent
  • Checklist should be continuously improved

last changed: 29.04.2014