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Unification of control criteria of small fish smokehouses and marketing of smoked fish, with particular emphasis on the risks associated with this type of product contamination of Listeria monocytogenes (November 2013)

Our developed documents:
•    List of questions for small fish smokehouse
•    Information leaflet for small businesses involved in fish smoking
•    Polish side sent  proposal guidelines for auditing fish smokehouses to Swedish and German side

What we did:
•    Meetings for preparation of guidelines for auditing fish smokehouses and information leaflet for small businesses involved in
     fish smoking
•    Notes from meetings, containing the findings to develop guidelines to clarify possible differences in interpretation
     of EU food law
•    Correspondence concerning issues "small fish smokehouses," flowing of the other partners during the project

The Polish side provided German and Swedish partners in tabular form an extended list of questions about important issues, which was an attachement to check list during the inspection of small fish smokehouse.

Checks were carried out in ten small smokehouses in each country on the basis of the prepared checklist and annex in the form of questions.
•    exchange of comments and suggestions sent to guide;
•    establishing the final version of the guidelines for auditing fish smokehouses;

•    translation and printing of the guidebook;
•    Distribution of the guidebook during the final conference in Ystad 2013 in November

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