Legal requirements for ambulant cross border trade of food

actual flyer on ambulant trade (pdf 647 kB)

- In August 2012 a German draft of a leaflet concerning the transboundary trade was developed. The draft is based on the legal regulations brought into agreement with the Polish and Swedish partners at the meetings in Malmö and Stettin as well as a Swedish check list for the self-monitoring of mobile traders. The results of the supervisions at the market stand in Greifswald (GER) and Cedynia (PL) done by the inspectors (activity 4) within the project were also taken into account.

- The Polish and Swedish partners received the English version of the draft for verification. Explanatory notes and supplements had been delivered until December. As there exist differences in the national food regulations of Poland, Sweden and Germany (e. g. hot keeping temperatures, cooling temperatures of perishable foods) the requirements in the leaflet have to be as close to the common conception of the partners as possible.

- By January 2013 all partners received a revised version. This version was used in German and Polish the 2nd of February 2013 at the 4th German-Polish Farmer`s Day in Pasewalk.

- At the Meeting in Greifswald we developed the design of the leaflet.

- In June 2013 the validation phase was started. The final version then was translated to all project languages and printed and provided to the project partners at the final meeting in Ystad.

last changed: 14.03.2014