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There are 14 partners:

1.     The Environment Department City of Malmö  
2.     Municipality of Trelleborg
3.     The Environmental Committee of Helsingborg
4.     Environment- and health protection agency of Kristianstad
5.     Municipality of Kävlinge
6.     The Environment and Planning Board of Staffanstorp
7.     Municipality of Sjöbo
8.     Environment and Health Authority of Höör
9.     Federal Environmental Association of the Ystad-Österlen
10.   State Office of Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
11.   Ostvorpommern County
12.   Veterinary Inspection, regional Veterinary Office in Szczecin
13.   Voivodeship Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Szczecin
14.   Westpomeranian Region

Partner 1

The Environment Department City of Malmö
Fresh air and clean water, good food and healthy homes. Environment Department has a wide range of responsibilities. One such area is food service as the Division of Food Control (ALK) is responsible for. ALK regularly controls that the food handling in Malmo occurs under current legislation. The division is also responsible for registration and approving food businesses.

Postal Address
Miljöförvaltningen / Environment Department
205 80 Malmö
Bergsgatan 17
Phone 040-34 20 83
Fax 040-30 41 05
E-mail: miljo
Contact: Jeanette Silow, Head of Food Control

Partner 2

The Planning Board in the municipality of Trelleborg
The Planning Board is the supervisory authority for the environmental and health protection and even the municipal representatives in nature care issues. The Board is also responsible for building permits and spatial planning - for example making plans for new residential and industrial areas - but will also work for a good architectural culture and urban and landscape environment.
The Board is also the supervisory authority that works for that the consumers in the municipality of Trelleborg can buy and consume food and water that are of good quality and that do not cause illness, either in short or long term. This is done by controlling that food processing is done under current legislation. The department is also responsible for registration and approving food businesses.

Postadress: 231 83 Trelleborg
Telefon: 0410-73 30 00
Fax: 0410-441 90  
Besöksadress: Algatan 13   
E-post: trelleborgs.kommun   
Fakturaadress: Box 173, 231 23 Trelleborg 


Partner 3

The Environmental Committee of Helsingborg
Helsingborg is situated in northwest of Skåne at the Öresunds narrowest part. Only four kilometers of water separates Helsingborg from Denmark. In the municipality lives 130 000 inhabitants and Helsingborg is Sweden's eighth largest urban area.
The Environmental Committee of Helsingborg
The Environment Committee is working with food control, living environment, environmental protection, strategic environmental and energy and consumer advice. The Environmental Committee leads by a political management.
The Environmental Committee has the following departments:
- Environmental Health Department
- Strategic Environmental Department
- Food Department
- Department of Administration

Besöksadress: Carl Krooks gata 10
Postadress: 251 89 Helsingborg
Tfn 042-10 77 50


Partner 4

Environmental- and health protection agency of Kristianstad
Environmental Health Office has a broad remit. The management is responsible for matters relating to safe food, good habitat, biodiversity and sustainable development. Regarding food safety, there are four employeés for food control. Food inspectors regularly check that food handling in Kristianstad municipality is under current legislation. The administration is also responsible for registering and approving food businesses.

Postal Address
Miljö- och hälsoskyddskontoret/ Environmental- and health protection agency
291 80 Kristianstad
Address: Spannmålsgatan 1, 5th floor
Phone 044-13 53 33
Fax 044-21 99 09
E-mail: mhk
Contact: Peter Osgyani, responsible for the section of food control

Partner 5

Municipality of Kävlinge
Kävlinge is a medium-sized southwest Skåne municipality, which has existed in its present form since 1974. The surface is about 293 km ², of which nearly 50% is located at sea, Öresund. The land area is dominated by agricultural land (70%).
The municipality has 29,000 inhabitants spread over approximately 10 000 households. The larger communities are Kävlinge, Furulund, Loddekopinge, Hofterups / Ålstorp and Dösjebro in which over 80% of the population reside.
The commercial and public services, and activities are mainly linked to the major communities Kävlinge and Löddeköpinge. In recent years, Kävlinge had a positive population growth. A large proportion of residents commute out of the municipality to work.
Political responsibility for environmental health issues within the municipality have theEnvironment and Planning Committee. Environmental Department is the Board's extended arm in the municipality and shall ensure compliance with the legislation under the Environmental Code and Food Act. The municipality's work with public control is to proactively examine the operations so that no health risks arising for the residents.

Kävlinge, Kullagatan 2
244 80 Kävlinge
046-73 90 00


Partner 6

The Environmental and Planning Board of Staffanstorp
In Staffanstorp we are working with environmental and food issues to create a good living environment for everyone. The purpose of our business is to prevent and protect people and nature from disturbances of various kinds.
The food control primary objective is to ensure that consumers are protected from food that can be hazardous, infectious or otherwise harmful, and counterfeiting or cheating of various kinds. The device regularly checks that the food handling in Staffanstorp is done under current legislation. The unit also has responsibility for registration and approving food businesses.
Drinking water is also treated as food and must keep acceptable quality. There are set limits on how much bacteria, metals and other substances that may be present in drinking water and food.

Postal Address
Stadsbyggnad / Miljöenheten / The Environmental and Planning Board of Staffanstorp
Rådhuset, Torget 1
Address: Rådhuset, Torget 1
Telephone 046-25 11:00 a.m.
Fax 046-25 12 80
E-mail: miljo
Contact: Margaret Åkesson, environmental inspector


Partner 7

The Environmental Unit of the Municipality of Sjöbo
The Environmental Unit in Sjöbo work range includes everything from the food we eat, the industry's environmental impact, the environment in our homes, the water we drink, air we breathe, the water we bathe in, to what we as individuals leave behind us. Six environmental inspectors responsible for supervisory / control under current legislation, and about the food range, the work includes ongoing controll of food business, approval / registration of food establishments (including drinking water establishments), food poisoning investigations and other appropriate tasks in the food regulatory framework.

Post address: Miljöenheten/ The Environmental Unit, Sjöbo kommun, 275 80 Sjöbo
Address: Ommavägen 30, Sjöbo
Phone 0416-27153
fax 0416-18516
E-mail: miljobygg
Contact: Annika Jeppsson, environmental inspector


Partner 8

The Environment and Health Authority of the Municipality of Höör
Höör is situated between the farmlands and the woods in the middle of Skåne, the most southern part in Sweden. There are about 15.500 people living in Höör. It is a small business community with about 1.600 registered companies. Tourism is one of our main assets, attracting visitors from all of Sweden and abroad.

The Environment and Health Authority are responsible for the control of environmentally hazardous activities, drinking water, food handling etcetera. In Höör there are about 150 operators that are supposed to follow the EU regulation about Food safety and the Swedish Food Law.

Höörs kommun
Miljö- och byggmyndigheten
Box 53, SE-243 21 Höör
Tel. +46 413 280 00

Partner 9

Federal Environmental Association of the Ystad-Österlen
Environment offices in Ystad, Tomelilla and Simrishamns municipalities have joined together and formed Ystad Österlen Region Environmental Association. One of the association's responsibilities is food control. What we eat and drink affects our health, fresh ingredients and proper food handling is especially important. Ystad Österlen Region Environmental Association's mission is to control food handling in the region to ensure the quality of our food.

Visiting and Postal Address
Ystad-Österlenregionens miljöförbund/ Federal Environmental Association of the Ystad-Österlen
Östra Utfartsvägen 2
273 36 Tomelilla
Telephone: 0417-57 35 00
Fax: 0417-57 35 01
E-mail: exp
Billing Address
Ystad-Österlenregionens miljöförbund/ Federal Environmental Association of the Ystad-Österlen Box 238
271 25 Ystad
Contact: Ervin Islamovic, food inspector


Partner 10

The State Office of Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is directly subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Environment and Consumer Protection. Its main parts are located in Rostock.
It has responsibilities in animal disease diagnosis and control and provides veterinary services in surveillance of animal diseases, food, feed, stock breeding, veterinary drugs and medication and animal protection. Other spheres of action are the official surveillance of food, daily needs, cosmetics, fisheries, plant protection and seeds.

Landesamt für Landwirtschaft, Lebensmittelsicherheit und Fischerei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Thierfelderstraße 18, 18059 Rostock
Tel.: +49 381  40 35 0
Fax: +49 381  400 15 10
E-Mail: poststelle
Kontakt: director Prof. Frerk Feldhusen


Partner 11

Organisation of the Veterinary and Food Monitoring Authority:
The Veterinary and Food Monitoring Authority has the following responsibilities:
- Food monitoring (including materials and articles used in food businesses)
- Animal protection
- Animal disease monitoring
- Meat hygiene
- Consultations for mushroom pickers (to prevent food poisoning from consuming toadstools)

Main headquarters: Bluthsluster Strasse 5b
                             17389 Anklam
                             E-mail: Veterinaeramt
Branch office:         Medelejewweg 16
                             17491 Greifswald
Subordinate post:    Meat hygiene authority
                             An der Redoute 1
                             17390 Relzow
Employees in the Veterinary and Food Monitoring Authority:
Chief officer: Dr. Holger Vogel
4 official veterinarians in charge of animal protection/animal disease monitoring; 1 official veterinarian in charge of meat hygiene; 1 official veterinarian in charge of food monitoring; 6 food inspectors; 3 officials for case processing and record keeping; 1 secretary

Partner 12

Veterinary Inspection - the regional Veterinary Office in Szczecin
address:     ul. Ostrawicka 2
                   71-337 Szczecin
fax:             +48 (91) 489–82–55
email:          sekretariat
Person to contact: West Pomeranian Regional Veterinary Officer
                   Tomasz Grupiński, DVM                      
                   tel.:    +48 (91) 489-82-00      
                   email:    tgrupinski
The main objective of veterinary inspection is to ensure the protection of public health through the management of the animal origin food safety and the protection of animal health.
Our inspections and supervising duty are carried out in regard to the statutory obligations and  the rules of veterinary law in these divisions:
1)  animal health protection and eradication of infectious animal diseases;
2)  animal protection, specifically animal welfare, identification and registration of animals;
3)  food hygiene and the safety of the animal origin products;
4)  pharmaceutical inspection;
5)  reproductive stuff inspection;
6)  feed hygiene and animal byproducts utilization;
7)  Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Szczecin and Koszalin – officially validated laboratories.
We carry on information exchange within the systems of ADNS, RASFF, and TRACES, as prescribed in the European Union regulations and also ZChZZ, CELAB, and SPIWET based on domestic regulations. We also cooperate with other organs and services to ensure health safety for people and animals as well.
The Regional Veterinary Office in Szczecin has implemented the Management System meeting the standards of  EN ISO 9001:2008 (PN-EN ISO 9001:2009) and ISO/IEC 17020:2004 (PN-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2006).

Partner 13

The State Sanitary Inspection is an institution established to carry out tasks aimed at:
- protecting human health against adverse effects of harmful factors and nuisance of environment,
- diseases prevention, including infectious and occupational diseases.
The Voivodeship  Epidemiological and Sanitary Inspection in Szczecin supervises:
- health requirements of food and feed, materials and products intended for food contact, and also cosmetics;
- environmental hygiene;
- working place hygiene;
- emission hygiene;
- school hygiene;
- hygiene of  leisure and recreation;
- sanitary requirements that of medical stuff, equipment and rooms, used in providing medical services.
In terms of food safety the State Sanitary Inspection supervises the compliance with the legislation defining hygiene and health requirements at the stages of production, transport, storage, food sales and catering. It also supervises production and marketing of materials, articles and equipment, intended for food contact.
West Pomeranian Voivodeship State Sanitary  Inspector in Szczecin
Jerzy Jakubek MD
Tel. No: + 48 91 462-39-54      Fax:   + 48 91 462-46-40
e-mail:  wsse.szczecin
Address:  70-632 Szczecin
               Spedytorska 6/7
Person for contacts:
Krystyna Szolomicka
Tel. No: + 48 91 462-40-60 wew. 150      Fax:   + 48 91 462-37-92
ul. Spedytorska 6/7                                  70-632 Szczecin
e-mail: k.szolomicka

Partner 14

Westpomeranian Region - own tasks of the regional government:
- public education,
- promotion and health care,  
- culture and protection of historic monuments,  
- social assistance,  
- pro-family policies,  
- modernisation of rural areas,  
- spatial development,  
- environmental protection,  
- water management,
- public transport and public roads,  
- physical education and tourism,
- protection of consumers rights,  
- defence and public safety,
- prevention of unemployment.
The region is governed by MARSHALL - Regional government authority:
Mr. Olgierd Geblewicz
Tel. No: +48 91 48 07 243, 91 48 07 253 Fax No +48 91 48 93 968
E-mail: marszalek
Address: 70-540 Szczecin
Korsarzy 34

Person for contacts:
Mr. Krzysztof Wika
Marshal`s Office of the Westpomeranian Region, Department of Agriculture and Fishery
ul. Malopolska 12     70-550 Szczecin
Tel. No +48 91 44 10 212, fax +48 91 488 2493
E-mail: kwika


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