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Report on the visit to Germany by two Swedish inspectors, 13 – 17 May 2013.

host land: Germany
visit times: 13.-17.05.2013

control objects:
- Small scale fish smokehouse.
- Caterers at camps for children.
- Kitchen in a hotel.
- Caterers who daily produces 2600 - 3000 servings.
- Russian / Polish store.
- Wholesaling

- Large-scale slaughterhouses

 - Meeting about completed inspections

- Final meeting and review of the similarities and differences in assessment between German and Swedish inspectors.

•    results consentient with the host land:
In a big way, the control is the same. We have an equivalent assessment, good attitude and discussions, leaving advice during inspections. Inspectors are flexible in their work.

•    results deviating from the host land:

Our countries have difference in the control hierarchy. Swedish inspection includes inspection of food and drinking water. German inspection authority, controlling the food and veterinary control. There is a big difference in our system of charging when German control is government funded. German inspectors do many sampling in public control and requires sampling in self-control. The general sampling control is wider than in Sweden for instance control of frying oil with test strip. In addition, our German colleagues performs many return visits. The German colleagues have computer systems that are structured so that the classification of activities and appointments are automatically on your computer. Registration of food businesses is extensive with documentation requirements and missions. The costs of food control in Sweden is covered by fees from food companies and is based on the cost price principle. We use checklists as aids in the various inspections. Inspectors have fewer items than their German colleagues and our inspections are more comprehensive (eg, with questions to those who work in the kitchen). Assessment of risks in controlled activities include cooling. Unlike our German colleagues, we believe that it is critical control point.

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