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19/20. November 2013 in Ystad, Schweden

Internationales Abstimmungstreffen
28. und 29. Mai 2013 in Greifswald

Gastredner - David Trigo (from Federal Office of Consumer Protection and food safety Berlin): (pdf)

Gastroenteritits-Ausbruch durch Noroviren in Deutschland im Sept. 2012


Bericht über das Meeting in der Lokalzeitung "Blitz" vom 4. Juli 2013

Koordinatorenmeeting 13./14.11.2012 in Greifswald

Beitrag in der regionalen Wochenendzeitschrift "Blitz": pdf (197 kB)

Teilnehmer des Internationalen Abstimmungstreffens


Szczecin, Polen: 09 - 11 Mai 2012

Lokalzeitung: Artikel über die Konferenz

Der Text in Englisch:
„Gazeta Wyborcza” 10. Mai 2012
How to control food producers and traders? What requirements should be imposed? This is the subject of meeting in Szczecin with sanitary and veterinary officials from the Baltic regions of Poland, Germany and Sweden. They create a common system of supervision over food.
The idea is to interpret the common EU law and to control food in the same way - says Thomas Hägvall from Malmo. Swedish and German representatives from counterparts of our sanitary and veterinary inspection arrived on Wednesday to Szczecin. From 2011 to 2013 they have been jointly implementing the EU project: “Food Hygiene and Food Safety in the Baltic Region". Under the project they have been creating a common procedure for controlling the food producers, traders, restaurateurs and working seasonally seaside fish smokeries. Besides they have been carrying out joint controls of above mentioned. For example, officials from the German districts: Ostvorpommern and Griefsvald participated in the controls carried out by Polish inspectors. In June, the Poles are going to Germany. Next year Poles and Germans are going to visit Sweden and Swedes will come to Poland.
- During joint meetings we discussed problems that we have already had with food products and ways of their solving - says Krystyna Szołomicka from the Voivodeship Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Szczecin. - On Thursday there will be workshops on supervision in specific situations in different countries.
Tomasz Grupiński Regional Veterinary Officer in Szczecin informs that as a result of the project there will be a brochure on cross-border trade.
It will contain information about the law in partners countries. The web page of the project will be completed. On the website people from the food industry and consumers will be able to read, what requirements must the food meet, what can be controlled, and for what there should be penalty.
Dr. Holger Vogel, director of the veterinary department from Ostvorpommern explains that the idea is that producers or traders from one country who want to sell their products in another country, wont be afraid of the native supervisor services, and will be sure that their actions are correct.


Kick-off- Konferenz

Malmö: 13. - 14. Oktober 2011

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